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(Sample for reference)

How to improve Quality Management System with limited capitals? That is the key to success. After careful study of IBI Inc 'our main competitor ,we find that they spend some money in Customer Service and Vender inspections which are vital to Quality Management. As we know, softwares are developed quickly. Customers and venders know clearly what they need. Therefore, we should develop programmes based on information through Customer Service and Vender inspections. Another fact with our attention is that although IBI Inc.'s Plant productivity is not high, they can sell out their new, high-quality softwares quickly as they have a very good Quality Control System. Therefore, we should adjust the capitals

The White House

We got up early this morning and __1__ a long walk after breakfast. We walked through the business section of the city. I told you yesterday that the city was larger__2__ I thought it would be. __3__ the business section is smaller than I thought it would be. I suppose that's__4__ Washington is a special kind of city. __5__the people in Washington work for the government. A bout 9:30 we went to the White House. It's__6__ to the public from 10 till12, and there was a long line of people waiting to get in. We didn't have to wait very long, because the line moved __7__quickly.

The White House is really white. It is painted every year. And it seems very white, because it's got beautiful lawns all around it, ____8____many trees and shrubs. The grounds__9__ about four square blocks. I mean, they're about two blocks long__10__ each side. Of course, we didn't see the whole building. The part__11__the President lives and works is not open to the public. But the part we saw was beautiful. We went through five of the main rooms. One of them was the library, on the ground floor. On the next floor, there are three rooms named__12__ the colors that are used in them: the Red Room, the Blue Room, and the Green Room. The walls are covered with silk__13__. There are__14__ old furniture, from the time__15__ the White House was first built. And everywhere there are paintings and statues of former presidents and other famous people from history.考生如果怕自己错过考试报名时间和考试时间的话,可以 免费预约短信提醒,届时会以短信的方式提醒大家报名和考试时间。

1. A) made B) did C)took D) got

2. A) than B) as C) so D) like

3. A) But B) Yes C) So D) Then

4. A) since B) as C) because D) because of

5. A) Much of B) Most of C) A lot D) Lots

6. A) open B) opening C) being opened D) opened

7. A) pretty B) little C) much D) very much

8. A) / B) having C) with D) together

9. A) include B) cost C) cover D) spread

10. A) by B) on C) for D) with

11. A) which B) what C) that D) where

12. A) by B) for C) after D) before

13. A) cloth B) clothes C) clothing D) cloths

14. A) Much pieces of B) many pieces of C) many a D) a great many

15. A) that B) which C) who D) when



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